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Optimism in Times of Trial

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There is a raging debate on how much bad news we should share with those around us. My day usually begins with reading several newspapers keeping an eye on the business and careers sections because that is the way in which I can keep informed on things that apply to my work. Often my cut-and-paste mentality kicks into high gear and I share things that interest me with my colleagues. Private emails and follow-up phone… Read More »Optimism in Times of Trial

The Future of Recruiting: Does It Have A Future?

By most people’s definition, all things that have a past and present will have a future. Birth, life and death are understood to be natural occurrences and we assign this human characteristic to other things associated with human behavior. So the thought leaders ask this question about the future of recruiting with an assumption that tomorrow will look much differently than today. Some are predicting that it will evolve into something new and others see… Read More »The Future of Recruiting: Does It Have A Future?

Job Seekers: Think Like a Recruiter – Part 9

If you have done the homework on yourself and the company you have targeted, you are ready for a dialog with recruiters, hiring managers or peers. If you have felt some sort of discouragement at the length of the process to get you to this point, you are not alone and it is for good reason. From the recruiter perspective, think of this process as a funnel where large volumes of candidates enter at the… Read More »Job Seekers: Think Like a Recruiter – Part 9