Decision Making

Survival of the Fittest by Recruiter Triage

In the minds of recruiters, there is no such thing as an average recruiter. I can safely say this without surveying the herd of opinionated, self assured, confident, and sometimes arrogant people we meet in this business because it is not just an opinion held by the members of this profession. Research shows that the tendency to overestimate personal worth is a pretty common theme. People that are asked to place themselves on a normal… Read More »Survival of the Fittest by Recruiter Triage

Always Look For These Ten Hidden Agenda Items

In an era of so-called political correctness we often assume that the words spilling over someone else’s filters represent the true person they are. Our society condemns a slip of the tongue often without any investigation. It is ironic that we become so intolerant of perceived intolerance. When it is our own filters we are embarrassed and apologetic even if we were provoked. There is no delete key for the spoken word. We can only… Read More »Always Look For These Ten Hidden Agenda Items

Institutional Archaeology

Often overlooked in the undeclared war between generations in the workplace is the fact that most people are not stupid. Thin skinned new entrants into the workforce meet and mingle with the bias of overconfident old timers and chips begin flying off of everybody’s shoulders throughout the organization. Unlike most wars, neither side really has any advantage. It is virtually impossible for either side to win… or lose. The most likely casualty is the business.… Read More »Institutional Archaeology

The Best Job Search Advice

In an online world where we must constantly be on guard against spammers, tricksters and thieves we arrive at a dilemma: When our needs are great enough to require a greater than normal amount of openness there must be some rules to follow that will tell us where to find trusted agents for advice. Life altering events such as serious health challenges or a job loss leave us vulnerable to unwanted intrusion if we let… Read More »The Best Job Search Advice

The Holistic Human Resources Influence on Business

In case there is an HR professional out there that has a delusion that you run things, here is your bubble bursting awakening. You don’t drive the train or blow the whistle, but if the business derails you can be sure that you will share in the blame. Unless the business of your company IS human resources, the expertise necessary to plan and execute operations to make money comes from other corporate minds. Having stated… Read More »The Holistic Human Resources Influence on Business