Recruiting Fables – The Ugly Candidate

Once upon a time there was a man who had everything a man could want. He had worked at the same remote branch of a major corporation for thirteen years and lived the classic dream. This was his first job out of college and he started at the bottom in IT and had worked his way up to a management role. He was respected by his team, admired by upper management, and valued by peers.… Read More »Recruiting Fables – The Ugly Candidate

What Job Seekers Really Want – Respect

Almost every job seeker survey shows that the most common problem they face is getting no feedback on their applications. We have called this the “black hole” because that is probably the best descriptor of how resumes get sucked into some interplanetary void. Someone coined the term “candidate experience” (probably Gerry Crispin) as a talking point and we can’t seem to get enough buzz about how bad it is and how much better it should… Read More »What Job Seekers Really Want – Respect

How To Know If Your Resume Needs Help and Where To Get It

Cut to the chase… your resume always needs help, so you already know how to know if you need help. Do you have a resume? Then you need help. This is particularly true if you wrote it yourself having no background in resume writing, had a half-assed self-proclaimed professional do it for you, or got some bad advice on how to embellish it to get an interview. An ADP survey reported that 46 % of… Read More »How To Know If Your Resume Needs Help and Where To Get It

Egoism: Enemy of Employment

One truth that we live by is that we need to look out for Number One… if we don’t toot our own horn nobody else will do it for us. It seems that we have all suffered from the perception that our trust has been betrayed by those we expected to help us. In a knee jerk reaction we rely on egoism to guide our actions and we learn not to expect help from anybody.… Read More »Egoism: Enemy of Employment

Considering a Contingent Career

About the time that the current boomer generation came into existence in the mid-1940’s, William Kelly placed his first “Kelly Girl” office temps with a client. How times have changed. By 1990 this had grown to the proportion of 1 in 13 new jobs categorized as temps and Manpower, Inc. became larger than General Electric. In 2005 the U.S. Department of Labor released a special study providing a definitive analysis of the contingent workforce and… Read More »Considering a Contingent Career