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Performance Appraisal

Reviewing This Week on Make HR Happen – Watching People Everywhere

If there is a line between stalking and people watching, I probably test those boundaries from time to time. There is a library of characters in my brain, probably for that unwritten great American novel, that grows with every day. This week began with observing how people see different generations. If ageism is alive and well it is probably partially due to how people are perceived by another age group. Next we transitioned into a… Read More »Reviewing This Week on Make HR Happen – Watching People Everywhere

Rewarding Bad Behavior

People-watching gives us a peek into the thoughts of an individual by their actions. Watching groups of people as they interact with each other gives us clues to the culture they are creating among themselves. I have learned to be very cautious about applying the lessons learned in parenting and training pets as a somewhat inadequate solution to solving business problems, but there are some interesting parallels. Children cannot be expected to arrive with a… Read More »Rewarding Bad Behavior

From the Archives of Make HR Happen – Those Times We Bowed to Administrivia

I have been accused of making up the term “administrivia” probably because I have a habit of making up words that are better descriptors of the way things are than the usual boring terms we have learned. Kids are cute when they make up words for things they don’t know or understand, but about the time we give up being cute we also begin to conform to the way everybody else uses words. According to… Read More »From the Archives of Make HR Happen – Those Times We Bowed to Administrivia

Creating an Environment of Trust

If there is one thing that is certain about managing the human resource of a company it is that no standard measure of the group can be representative of every individual. The opposite is not true. Employee surveys are generally aggregated to give a sense of the pulse of the group and statistically we take some degree of satisfaction in knowing how the “organization” thinks. Because there is statistical evidence that we can make management… Read More »Creating an Environment of Trust

The Holistic Human Resources Influence on Business

In case there is an HR professional out there that has a delusion that you run things, here is your bubble bursting awakening. You don’t drive the train or blow the whistle, but if the business derails you can be sure that you will share in the blame. Unless the business of your company IS human resources, the expertise necessary to plan and execute operations to make money comes from other corporate minds. Having stated… Read More »The Holistic Human Resources Influence on Business


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