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Hiring for Fit – Remember Diversity Matters

The concept of hiring for fit is the latest challenge to a diverse workforce. The connotation of fit is often misconstrued to mean clones of the existing employees. If an all white, male, Gen-Y appearance is considered to be the norm the business is doomed. A contrived culture of young, attractive, and energetic employees is equally flawed and may even be illegal. Someday this thing we call affirmative action, a remnant of the civil rights… Read More »Hiring for Fit – Remember Diversity Matters

Hiring for Fit – Find and Hire Culture Matches

Finding a good fit for a culture may not simply be a matter of matching candidates to the existing workforce. Hiring clones is usually a bad idea because it stifles creativity. Hiring for future needs without clearly visualizing the future culture is worse, but there is no doubt that culture is a major impact on hiring. A study by Leadership IQ reported that 46% of new hires will fail within 18 months. These failures were… Read More »Hiring for Fit – Find and Hire Culture Matches

Hiring for Fit – Finding the Pattern to Match

To use the word fit by itself means nothing. It goes without saying that if something is to be a good fit then there must be some sort of defined pattern that the fitted thing must match. In the context of hiring people for fit, the matching pattern is the group of people that are already part of the organization. Hiring indiscriminately will almost always insure a misfit. Hiring clones to match the existing body… Read More »Hiring for Fit – Finding the Pattern to Match

Hiring for Fit – Send In the Clones

The word fit according to Merriam-Webster online dictionary is “…a sudden violent attack of a disease especially when marked by convulsions or unconsciousness… an emotional reaction as in anger or frustration… in an impulsive and irregular manner.” Obviously proponents of hiring for fit are not using this definition to describe their beliefs, but several words in this definition may be applicable: unconsciousness; emotional; frustration; impulsive; irregular. Once upon a time bosses hired whomever they damn… Read More »Hiring for Fit – Send In the Clones

The Three Essential Key Elements for a Great Hire

(On vacation this week. This article edited and reposted from June 6, 2012) Quality of Hire as a metric receives a lot of attention. Theories abound about the importance of QoH and how to measure it. There are 998 different theories about QoH. That number (that I just made up) is about as real as most of the discussion. There are consulting firms who specialize in fixing the QoH situation, there are software programs that… Read More »The Three Essential Key Elements for a Great Hire