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Talent Selection – Part 2: Interviewing Reality

Everyone has a theory about interviewing candidates for hire. This applies to everyone involved in conducting interviews and not just people in positions of leadership in HR or recruiting. The two primary ignorance factors that keep us from doing it right are the line managers who dismiss interviewing as something that anybody off the street can do and the HR types who don’t realize that people could have that opinion. If there are no missionaries… Read More »Talent Selection – Part 2: Interviewing Reality

Workplace Taboo Part IV – Race and Ethnicity

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The mere mentioning of a name that implies ethnicity can prompt stereotypical responses. A classic experiment reported in the Journal of Applied Social Psychology sent email messages to landlords advertising apartment vacancies in Los Angeles County over a ten-week period. Names that implied Arabic, African American, or White ethnicity were attached randomly to these messages and not surprisingly the “White” names received significantly more responses. We just passed a grim anniversary of the 9/11 attacks… Read More »Workplace Taboo Part IV – Race and Ethnicity

Reinforcing Generational Stereotypes

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If there is any hot button that raises my fur it is when people make assumptions about me or others by assigning them to a particular generational bucket. Not being a fan of oversimplified infographics, I was particularly annoyed at one that I saw last week showing how to provide incentives to each of four different generation types. Oh, it was factual in its origin, statistically drawn from survey data, and gave pretty good ideas… Read More »Reinforcing Generational Stereotypes

The Culture of Taylor, Today, and Tomorrow (Reprise)

Proposed: That Dr. Seuss’ children’s books be banned from further publication and sale. This is based on the fact that his ridiculous rhyming patterns have been challenged as grammatically incorrect, the improper use of syntax sets a bad example, characters created by him have the possibility of seriously traumatizing children… oh yes, and he is dead. Ridiculous logic? Of course, but that doesn’t stop us from discounting the work of people of historical importance that… Read More »The Culture of Taylor, Today, and Tomorrow (Reprise)

Everything I Need to Know I Learned as a Toddler

Take that, those of you who didn’t learn stuff until kindergarten! Every parent knows that kids are constantly learning… shapes, colors, body parts. The game “Where is your nose?” and “Where is Mommy’s nose?” is the pointing game that we play until just about every acceptable body part has been identified by name and touched by a somewhat uncertain index finger. My kids are grown, so I have to play this game with other people’s… Read More »Everything I Need to Know I Learned as a Toddler


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