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Reinforcing Generational Stereotypes

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If there is any hot button that raises my fur it is when people make assumptions about me or others by assigning them to a particular generational bucket. Not being a fan of oversimplified infographics, I was particularly annoyed at one that I saw last week showing how to provide incentives to each of four different generation types. Oh, it was factual in its origin, statistically drawn from survey data, and gave pretty good ideas… Read More »Reinforcing Generational Stereotypes

Prehistoric Origins of Business Management

Splurg was born toward the end of what we now call the Paleolithic Era a little over 10,000 years ago. As was the tradition in their tribe, he was named by his father after the first sound heard in the early morning darkness after his birth. It was believed to be a large wooly animal falling into the glacial pond near their cave, but nobody really knew for sure. Fortunately he had a much manlier… Read More »Prehistoric Origins of Business Management

Networking: The Job Search Imperative

So, you think spending a few minutes applying to jobs through a job board is a complete job search plan? Think again. Job boards are still a valuable part of the process, but the usefulness of this approach is trending downward. Three years ago almost 25% of new hires came from the boards, last year it was down to 20% and the latest figures are around 18%. Companies are starting to measure the results of… Read More »Networking: The Job Search Imperative

Networking: The Barrier Buster

When we talk about networking, it conjures up a broad foggy blur of reaching out globally to individuals who may have immediate impact on our goals and desires, but for the most part the network is seen to to be a long term sustaining mutual support system. The question occasionally asked about networking is, “What can I do if I need results now?” The obvious, but somewhat unhelpful answer, is that you should have started… Read More »Networking: The Barrier Buster

Networking: Not Just For Personal Gain

A common misconception is to consider organizations and their components as living, breathing, independently acting beings. The Supreme Court of the US may have granted corporations the same rights as an individual, but they are not able to prescribe how that is supposed to work without human interaction. Without people they would not exist at all. If it is essential for individuals to network to carve out a brand image, how important is it for… Read More »Networking: Not Just For Personal Gain


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