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Human Resources Management: So Easy a Caveman Does It

It is fun to fantasize about the origins of modern business management originating in prehistoric times. The first time I heard the word “anachronism” was while studying Shakespeare in high school when he wrote of a “striking clock” in Julius Caesar. Maybe that was setting the stage for believability that the Flintstones could have foot powered cars, television, and garbage disposals. In Prehistoric Origins of Business Management I wrote about the first service industry founded… Read More »Human Resources Management: So Easy a Caveman Does It

Controlling Capricious Culturism

I enjoy brainstorming with my professional colleagues about the value of having a cohesive culture within a company that promotes the achievement of business goals. Most people assume that this is a good thing, but productivity at the expense of individual employee beliefs might in fact be a form of bias. Multiculturalism is defined to be a where there is an environment of diversity embracing more than one culture. As you may expect, culturism is… Read More »Controlling Capricious Culturism

The Holistic Human Resources Influence on Business

In case there is an HR professional out there that has a delusion that you run things, here is your bubble bursting awakening. You don’t drive the train or blow the whistle, but if the business derails you can be sure that you will share in the blame. Unless the business of your company IS human resources, the expertise necessary to plan and execute operations to make money comes from other corporate minds. Having stated… Read More »The Holistic Human Resources Influence on Business

Part III – Formal Mentoring Programs

There is a similarity between all mentoring programs whether they are in academia, non-profit, service organizations or industry. It all begins with a cadre of individuals that have the know-how and patience to serve as a mentor and willing participants that understand that they don’t know it all and have a lust for knowledge. To establish a formal program for mentorship in a business, there are threads of conflict that must be resolved before a… Read More »Part III – Formal Mentoring Programs

Merry Christmas Anyway!

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There I said it! And I really don’t care if you are Christian, Jewish, Muslim, Hindu, atheist, agnostic or believe in some other kind of -ology that would make my list too long to mention. For some reason that seems to have been erased from public consciousness, those of us who would consider ourselves to be human resources professionals are supposed to be faithless monitors of political correctness. Can you tell yet that I am… Read More »Merry Christmas Anyway!


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