Job Search Reality Check (Part 1 of 5) – The Four A’s of Beginning

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There is one of those old-man jokes about a policeman who sees an elderly man pummeling a Boy Scout with his cane on a street corner. “What’s going on here?” The scout replies, “I was just helping this old man cross the street.” The cop turns to the codger, and he says, “But I didn’t want to cross the street!” There are times that a perceived need for help may be off base or unwanted.… Read More »Job Search Reality Check (Part 1 of 5) – The Four A’s of Beginning

Danger of the Fringe

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The dark-side fringe people never live in the shadows where nobody can see them. Instead, they are not only visible, but generally advertise their presence very noisily. They are hard to miss, but their hidden agenda is usually cloaked in subversive messages. This may not really be malicious behavior, but instead comes from an unnatural desire to propagandize their message even though it may not be a well thought out idea. Because we live in… Read More »Danger of the Fringe

Value of the Fringe

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From the time you decided to burst forth from the womb you started on a course that would inevitably expose you to the fringe. Mommy and Daddy protected you from bad people, but your very being is quite different from them even though genetically you may carry some of their physical characteristics. Every person capable of thinking, growing, and experimenting needs the fringe to expose them to the tails of a normal distribution curve of… Read More »Value of the Fringe

Off the Grid: Not Necessarily HR – Normal Parenting

As someone who has tried to unravel the complexity of interpersonal relations in human resources, I wouldn’t touch the conflict over progressive parenting with a ten foot pole. There probably should be a reservoir of full of ten foot poles created to be forcibly distributed to every self-professed expert that cashes in on opinions about how we are doing it all wrong and have been forever. People are different. Any theory on parenting will be… Read More »Off the Grid: Not Necessarily HR – Normal Parenting

The Post-Conference Trip Home from Euphoria

Musicians call it dynamics. Most of the conferences that I have attended contained accented notes, a few well placed rests, and heightened emotional crescendos followed by equally moving decrescendos. Dynamics! After any concert when the musicians stop playing those who were immersed in the moment will carry that experience away and relive it for a while afterward. Without the external accompaniment to sustain the emotion life’s volume and tempo can begin to drown out even… Read More »The Post-Conference Trip Home from Euphoria