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Your Twitter Mind Tricks Won’t Work On Me

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Star Wars fans will read the title of this article and immediately have flashbacks to the mind control that a Jedi could willfully exert over others. One of my favorite scenes was when the overconfident Qui-Gon was trying to negotiate with the junk dealer Watto and pay with Republic credits. With a wave of his left hand the Jedi master insisted “Credits will do fine.” Over and over, Watto argued “No they won’t!” because “Jedi… Read More »Your Twitter Mind Tricks Won’t Work On Me

Job Seekers: Think Like a Recruiter – Part 8

♫ Cellophane Mister Cellophane Shoulda been my name Mister Cellophane ‘Cause you can look right through me Walk right by me And never know I’m there… ♫ — “Chicago” – Music by John Kander with lyrics by Fred Ebb We live in an age where there is a diversity of thought on privacy. There are those who live their lives openly with no reservations about inviting total strangers into their most intimate thought processes. For… Read More »Job Seekers: Think Like a Recruiter – Part 8

SHRM ‘11, HR and Recruiting

There is a part of me that is regretting the decision not to go to Las Vegas for the SHRM ‘11 conference. The convention is so big there is something for everybody regardless of specialty area. However, part of the conflict in my mind is that I am too interested in everything HR, but in reality my niche is in sourcing and recruiting. It would be difficult to choose whether to expand my knowledge in… Read More »SHRM ‘11, HR and Recruiting