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Recruiting Fables – Using Sorcerer Magic

Once upon a time there was an old Sorcerer who had become known throughout the land as the perfect source (pun most definitely intended… as you have probably already guessed) of all things magical. He had a marvelous instrument that could contact people anywhere in the world by simply putting the device up to his ear and punching in powerful incantations on a keypad. He could weave powerful spells that made him the focal point… Read More »Recruiting Fables – Using Sorcerer Magic

The Candidate Experience – Part 1: Sourcing and the Thrill of the Chase

(On vacation this week. This article edited and reposted from May 23, 2012) No, Part 1 is NOT the first installment. There is a logical premise to presenting the candidate experience in this manner, but it is using my Star Wars damaged brain. I started the story with the final episode in The Candidate Experience – Part 3: Transition to Employee where we looked at the stakeholder involvement and influence during the final stages of hiring a… Read More »The Candidate Experience – Part 1: Sourcing and the Thrill of the Chase

The Four Pillars of Recruiting

(On vacation this week. This article reposted from May 20, 2011) The knee-jerk reaction to describing essential elements of a function is to think of the columns holding up some massive structure. This is understood to be a symbol of strength. A very supportive person is known as a “pillar of strength.” While somewhat overused by business to show the strength of ideas, it also has the ability to show how complicated situations can be… Read More »The Four Pillars of Recruiting

Real Networking Means Turning Hashtags into Real People

Every time I meet one of my social media heroes in real life there is always  a short Wayne’s World moment when I have to resist the temptation to bow down to my rock star friend and shout “We’re not worthy, we’re not worthy…” to the room. Usually, they turn out to be humble enough not to ask me to kneel, bow, or kiss their ring. Real people have characteristics unique to themselves and sometimes… Read More »Real Networking Means Turning Hashtags into Real People

Social Recruiting: Justification by the Numbers

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When everybody professes to be an expert on a topic there is a high probability that nobody is really an expert. Finding hard data to support a social recruiting program is a never ending quest. It is like looking for proof of extraterrestrial life by scanning the heavens with a radio telescope and getting excited when a blip on the scope shows signs of promise. Often space noise is just a million-year old star fart… Read More »Social Recruiting: Justification by the Numbers


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