From the Archives of Make HR Happen – Those Times We Talked Time

While we were discussing a list of items for an upcoming shopping expedition, my wife mentioned that we were out of Thyme. I knew we were not in any particular hurry, so at first this was puzzling to me. How can we be out of time already? It is still early and we have all day to get to the store. Nobody values time as I do because I never have enough of it! After listing a few more items out loud to me, the non sequitur slowly evaporated into a realization that I had missed the point somehow. As much as I needed to go out and buy some time, what we really needed was the other kind: Thyme. I’m not sure I know what that is, but I do know that beef stew is better with it. Ironically, it was for a Crockpot meal planned for a day in which we would literally be out of time.

Occasionally, we need to pause time long enough to study time and the things we do with it.


SalvadoreDaliClocksManaging Time As A Precious Resource – The new definition of irony is someone who has taught a time management course but has trouble maintaining their own calendar. Look that up in your dictionary and you will see a picture of me! I was guilty of no original thinking in conducting this training as it was a canned course my company purchased with the rights to reproduce the workbooks, slides and videos.  – more –


"Tick, tock, tick"

“Tick, tock, tick”

What if Tomorrow Doesn’t Come? – … We all procrastinate. Sometimes we are just avoiding doing the things that are not our favorite things to do. Other times we find that obviously critical items come with a shocking fear of failure. Momentary panic and uncertainty can grow into petrified thinking that can freeze our ability to get results. Poor leadership is also to blame. Failure to allocate resources or to give the freedom of exercising the necessary responsibility encourages procrastination. Delegation of tasks with no authority to do them is always a problem. – more –




LightBulbIdeasTaming the Time-Suck – RSS Readers and More – If you are still fumbling around by manually crawling through sites looking for the information you need, I’m begging you to get out of the dark ages and get some help compiling your data. Almost every browser in use today and most email clients have some form of functional capability or add-on that gathers information from the web and organizes it for us. RSS feeds (Rich Site Summary, sometimes called Really Simple Syndication) is such an aggregator that is actually family of web feed formats that allow news headlines, blogs, web sites, and videos to be compiled in a summarized format. – more –