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This is a re-posting of five previous articles from Make HR Happen.






From the Greatest Generation To the Degraded Generation - We live in an age when everything and everyone must fit neatly into labeled buckets. There isn’t much room to wiggle out of the label planted on groups of people and if the term does not seem to fit we arbitrarily redefine the words. For example, what is a minority? Women are not a “minority” in terms of population, however there was a time that women were in the minority in the workforce and as a result still suffer the discrimination… – more –

The Myth of Being Stress Free At Work –  It is easy, right? The self-help section of any bookstore is filled with shelf after shelf of expert knowledge on how to deal with stress. The topic of stress is found in over 32,000 books on If this were not such a serious problem in our lives, there could be humor found in the stressful search for stress relief.   – more - 

Are You a Bramble Bush? – One story that has been around for centuries gives us meaning today. From the Hebrew Bible comes the allegory of a quarrel between the olive tree, the fig tree and the grape vine about who should be king. Each decided to decline and keep their day jobs bearing fruit [actually, I added the “day job” part]. Only the lowly bramble steps up and begins making threats to the others as to the consequences of not accepting him in this role.  – more –

Help Wanted: Dull and Boring People  -  How many recruiters would ever conduct a search for candidates who bring absolutely no originality to the table? The practice is actually more common than you might think. While every person has worth and there is a niche for just about everyone, most hiring managers would prefer to interview the go-getters and hire them to ignite their teams. – more –




How to Sculpt a Job Posting – Someone made a comment on a Twitter chat session that recruiters are terrible resume writers. I tend to agree. It is ironic that people who are buried daily in resumes get stuck in writing their own and often need coaching to get it right. It isn’t because they are not expert in analyzing every detail to match up skills with job specifications. On the contrary it is exactly because of that reason: they are so close to the situation it becomes difficult to read their own resumes through someone else’s eyes. – more –