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From the Archives of Make HR Happen – Those Times We Talked About Recruiters

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The functionality of my browser is better with add-ons. These little micro-programs fit in with the design software of a primary program for surfing the internet and makes expanded capabilities almost seamless. People have add-ons too. In almost every endeavor there is a narrow scope of job requirements that could be defined as the minimum standard for performance. Education is never wasted or lost. Integrating new thoughts and ideas into the traditional models makes a person more productive and turns mediocrity into excellence. Those who fail to enhance their abilities are not failures, but those who do will excel. This is a look at recruiter add-ons that make the staffing function more productive and redefines excellence.


Beyond Recruiter Excellence – Part 1: Professional Add-ons - The definition of good recruiting is to be able to successfully fill requisitions or job orders in a cost effective and timely manner. This measure of excellence is really not based on the years of experience of the recruiter, although that sometimes helps, but rather some intelligence-based gene that makes it effortless. The recruiters who wake up in the morning and are in top notch recruiting mode before that first cup of coffee will hit their desk in stride and have the inertia to keep going in spite of obstacles.  – more –


Beyond Recruiter Excellence – Part 2: Business Add-ons – Recruiters who go above and beyond what is required of them are not necessarily doing all that they can do. I have already mentioned several professional aspects of the human resources realm which can offer enhanced abilities to a recruiter and allow going beyond excellence. Very few practitioners in the field are isolated to the industry of recruiting. Corporate recruiters participate as a member of a team moving their organization toward mutual goals and objectives. – more –


Beyond Recruiter Excellence – Part 3: Personal Add-ons – I have used the analogy of software add-ons to describe how we can take excellence, add something that is not part of the original design and improve the product. Some recruiter add-ons are professional in nature and there is not much of a stretch to dovetail them into the main characteristics of the profession. They fit like a glove, but are not absolutely necessary for excellence. Other add-ons are environmental in nature and even though they are outside of the generally accepted recruiter job characteristics they enhance overall performance. – more –



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