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Reviewing This Week on Make HR Happen – Ethics: Week 2

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Week 1 of the series on Ethics was basically editing previous articles and adapting them for the series. This week was not just more of the same, even though there were five (or more) posts that were the foundation for the new week. This time editing involved matching those items previously addressed with current research on the topic to give an updated perspective. In fact I was shocked at how much of a thread about business and professional ethics runs through human resources and recruiting thought.

One pattern is becoming clear as this study continues: Many of the everyday buzzwords of management thinking has evolved from a foundation of right and wrong from a personal perspective. A flicker of light is dawning on why there is sometimes a “difference of opinion” between groups on matters that involves basic capitalism as it conflicts with personal rights. More on that later, but it does clarify why it is so difficult to prove an ROI on business needs that are assumed to be essential, are proven to increase productivity, and often go against traditional norms of society: Diversity, candidate rights, culture management, and empowerment are theories that have empirically proven to be true without the usual favorable measure of efficiency before experimentation began.

Think about why we take many of the things we do for granted. Talk about why this is important. Recognize differences in thought. Resolve and manage those differences. 

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October 21 - The Ethics of Diversity and Occlusion – No, that is not a typographical or grammatical error. The word occlusion could be seen as one of the results of inclusion because occluding indicates a shutting off, obstructing or blocking something in favor of something else.  – more –



October 22 – The Ethics of Trust – If there is one thing that is certain about managing the human resource of a company it is that no ethical standard of the group can be representative of every individual. The opposite is not true. – more –


October 23 - The Ethics of a Candidate Experience – By definition, a candidate “experience” will happen whether it is planned or not. Employers who do not focus on the entire process of the hiring cycle will be doomed to fail. Recruiting costs will increase as a result of disillusioned job seekers who are turned away or ignored entirely.  – more –


October 24 - Job Search Ethics – There is no better laboratory to study human nature than a situation in which one person is in need and another person holds the key to fulfilling that need. Some examples that immediately come to mind are that of parent and child, teacher and pupil, or doctor and patient.  – more –


October 25 – Cynicism Is Also a Basis for Ethics – The origin of words is a fascinating subject. Cynicism as a philosophy is one of the ancient Greek teachings founded by Antisthenes that saw virtue as the only thing necessary for happiness.  – more –




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